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Center of Arts, Culture and Litterature



Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tunis
Director of the Tunis Institute of Philosophy


Creation date :

June 23, 2021

Field / Spécialization :

Philosophy and Humanities/Art and Culture/Ethics and Aesthetics, Anthropology and Literature

Objectives of the chair :

The specific objectives of this chair are as follows:

  • Collect, synthesize and analyze reliable information in collaboration with its global network of partners in order to achieve and disseminate the idea of living together in dignity;

  • Revamp the glossary of operational concepts and concepts in our way of understanding the world such as modernity and tradition hospitality, dignity and friendliness;

  • Establishment of a global observatory for research and studies on thinking about living together;

  • Organization of international conferences and symposia on the issues of living together and sharing universality;

  • Cooperation with ICESCO in the implementation of relevant programmes.

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Activity :

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