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Fès, Kingdom of Morocco

Chair Title :

Chair of Arts, Societies, and Civilizations

Creation date :

June 17, 2021

Field / Spécialization :

Arts, Humanities and Civilizations

Objectives of the chair :

The specific objectives of this chair are as follows :

  • Promotion through training and research, and the development of value-added scientific productions in the field of art thought related to contemporary societies and their civilizations;

  • Developing fruitful cooperation between artists, researchers and students, especially young people, linking cultural ties between the various educational and university institutions in Morocco and other ICESCO Member States;

  • Creation of an effective apparatus dedicated to training and research on the main axes of the chair;

  • Involving researchers, writers and thinkers in introducing the role of art, science and civilization in the advancement of society and transcend the cultural chasm.

Abderrahman TENKOUL

Abderrahman TENKOUL

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez

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