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Federal University, Rio Grande Do Sul



Professor of Higher Education in Theory and Art History and Director of the Research Group
«Hybrid Operations in Contemporary Art»


Creation date :

June 23, 2021

Field / Spécialization :

Art and Humanities/Art & Culture/Contemporary Art - Art and Nature.

Objectives of the chair :

The specific objectives of this chair are as follows:

  • Facilitate collaboration between artists, teachers, researchers, doctoral students and guests in the field of artand science humanity, as well as between cultural institutions and institutions of higher education in Brazil and other countries, nor in particular with the member countries of the Committee;

  • Promote the formation of values related to the perception of the natural world, resulting from a mixture of feelings aboutthe environment, supported by intellectual, social, political and artistic ideas related to the development of technologies;

  • Promote an integrated system of artistic creativity activities in the field of contemporary art, promoted through research, theoretical reflection, collection of information and documents supported by academic scholarships, artist residency, field work, exchanges with cultural and higher education institutions at the national level.


⌾ Site : catedra-arte-natureza

Video presentation :


Presentation of the Contemporary Art Chair by Eliane Chiron




Exhibition “Uncertainties in Gaia” Curated by Sandra Rey

The exhibition marks the beginning of the activities of the “Art and Nature Chair, Hybrid Processes” , in the international cooperation agreement signed between ICESCO and UFRGS




Conference “Culture to rethink the world: Dialogues with Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Hunyington”

The Art and Nature, Hybrid Processes Chair organise a conference “Culture to rethink the world: Dialogues with Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Hunyington” with Professor Mohamed ZINELABIDINE

Activity :

Gallery :

Publications :

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