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Ibn Tofail University

Kenitra, Kingdom of Morocco

Chair Title :

Chair of Comparative Literature and Arts

Creation date :

June 23, 2021

Field / Spécialization :

Arts and Comparative Arts, Studies in Modern Fields of Expression that are characterized by brevity and the trip as a way to learn about the culture of others

Objectives of the chair :

Objectives of the chair:

  • Participate in the development of innovative practices by giving academic attention to the most authentic forms and astonishment;

  • Implementation of a doctoral and postdoctoral scholarship program to create innovative units for visual arts education and comparative literature at the University of Lettering and Arts Languages;

  • Establish leading events that allow exchange with academic and academic organizations and institutions in the world on important issues that will ensure the influence of Ibn Tofail University, our city and ICESCO as an international organization working on promote a culture of arts and science education around the world.

Ibn Tofail University


Professor of Higher Education in French Language and Literature, Head of the Arts Laboratory Pedagogical Arts and Engineering, Head of Doctoral Training "recherches interdisciplinaires"

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