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           For several years, a number of countries have become aware of the cultural and creative industries economic potential; profitable, bring a significant added value, generate direct as well as indirect employment, offer a considerable growth potential and contribute to the balance of trade. In emerging and least developed countries, potential is not always taken into account in traditional models of economic growth mainly based on the exploitation of natural resources and the support of processing industries;

Meet The Elite

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· The economic power of cinema, digital animation, recorded and live music, audiovisual, performing arts, books, design, fashion and intellectual property activities began to be computed worldwide, demonstrating the importance of youth on enhancing cultural and creative industries within country's economy and in international trade.


· In this context, and in order to fully benefit from these economic benefits, it is essential to create a new economic architecture capable to understand the atypical behaviors of cultural and creative industries, so to act and highlight the talents of the youth elites, the development of their skills, and their mentoring. ICESCO is implementing a program that intends to do more for the Cultural and Creative Industries and Creative and Artificial Intelligence.


· Youth Elites is a program of excellence that aims to support the most innovative and ingenious digital art and culture projects among young people. Elites with experience and a story to tell, sources of artistic and cultural immersion and influence in a society in permanent progress. To this end, we provide all the means for training, coaching, creation and acquisition of skills that are transferable to professional fields, as well as the sharing of good practices within the youth.

Creative Intelligence at the heart of ICESCO Youth Elite

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            ICESCO  is aware of the fragile status of creators nowadays, hence our intervention to support the situation of cultural industries and the poverty of their young creators, struggling to make a living from their creations and their contributions nationally and internationally.

           Each creator brings a unique participation to the economy of his country and especially to forge his belonging; offering to the world artworks that touch the souls of his fraternity.

           We invite each artist to impose his artistic vision and to reflect it to the world and to an audience ready to value it and to turn it into a shouting fame of culture and art.


           We used this approach to form groups of youth elites and leaders, to strengthen their cohesion by inviting them to share their knowledge and experiences with each other, expressing this through arts and their multiculturalism and including creativity as an essential gesture in the process of a youth pedagogy; creating a supporting profound goal of "knowing oneself and creating a cultural presence internationally". That will allow the emergence of innovation and strengthen our experience of being connected to each other in our learning and our lives within the creative and cultural industries, as well as in our society as a whole.

So, ICESCO - Youth Elite and its program will be providing, for all its communities: 

  • Competent experts,

  • Adapted digital facilities,

  • Financing 

Mur en béton

" Art knows no borders "

Call for entries

Mur en béton

           Les Arts et la Culture se trouvent à nouveau, comme cela s'est produit à maintes reprises dans le passé, à la charnière de deux époques - une transposition de la querelle des anciens et des modernes qui dépasserait cette fois les simples questions esthétiques pour presser tous les Youth Elite les acteurs de la culture, arts et créativité.

        L'ICESCO est consciente du potentiel économique et social des industries culturelles et créatives ; ils sont rentables, apportent une forte valeur ajoutée, génèrent des emplois directs et indirects, présentent un énorme potentiel de croissance et contribuent à l'équilibre de la balance commerciale.

Rejoignez notre communauté !

Current Projects

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Ballet Show

360° Opera



Web TV


Creative Working

 Creative Youth


Alcazar Sevilla

Islamic Heritage Portal


This is an invitation to participate

It is our duty to encourage you to promote your creations and creativities to the world and to make it public (non-commercial use), hence our invitation to use this space to explain your background and introduce your projects to us , and let us know if you would like it to be shared and analyzed by our experts. 

It's easy to do.

Send Your Book of Creativity

Please submit your photos/videos/illustrations by sending them to: CONTACT.ICC@ICESCO.ORG

Let's All Contribute to the Cultural Movement 

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