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Heritage National Institute



Professor of Islamic History and Archaeology at the University of Tunis,
Director General of the National Heritage Institute and the Arts Center of Tunis


Creation date :

June 23, 2021

Field / Spécialization :

Philosophy and Humanities/Art & Culture/Heritage

Objectives of the chair :

The specific objectives of this chair are as follows:

  • Collect, synthesize and analyze reliable information in collaboration with a global network of partners for the production and dissemination of culture Heritage sciences and social and human sciences;

  • Revamp operational approaches and concepts in our way of studying and managing heritage, arts and humanities social sciences, etc.;

  • Establishment of an Islamic observatory for research and studies on the humanities, social sciences and heritage;

  • Organization of international conferences, seminars and symposia on issues related to the humanities and social sciences heritage;

  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience between universities and institutions of a scientific, artistic and cultural nature;

  • Finding alternative means of action to adapt to the new restrictions imposed on us by emerging diseases such as COVID-19.

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Activity :

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